Sexual Arousal: Plan It Out

Planning for sex may sound odd - but we promise it will get you more sexually aroused than ever before. Life is constantly busy only leaving time for quick hellos and goodbyes with the people you love. You never want to make your partner  feel underappreciated when you only have those few moments to give to one another. When life gets busy that is the best time to plan sexual arousal with your partner and have what we like to call “sex dates”.

We all love that spontaneous sex whether it’s when you both get home from work, are cooking dinner, or wake up in the middle of the night. However, intentional sex can be just as fun - if not better! Build up the tension to have your partner at peak sexual arousal from planning your night alone. Set a day and time that works best for both of you. Whether it be a random Monday night, or even Saturday night, you want to find something mutual for both your calendars. Let us help you get the night right by trying out these few tips and tricks we have found are fool proof! 

  • Send a quick message to your partner that you want to spend some alone time. Let them know that you did the research and know they are free a specific night that you are … no backing out on this! Showing your partner that you took the time to discover a day that both of you have time to spend together already makes them feel special. They will be just as excited as you to begin this evening of fun! Knowing that you’ll be having one on one time with your partner will already have your head spinning finding ways to arouse him or her.

  • Prepare your apartment, whether you share one or not. Put clean sheets on the bed, make the pillows all fluffed up, get some nicely scented candles (especially your partner's favorite scent if you can), and prepare some food. 

Throughout the next few days you can tease your partner. Send them little messages about the food you are preparing, the outfits you’re thinking of, or even just that you are excited to spend some one-on-one time together. Think along the lines of, “How about some good wine, strawberries for dessert, and maybe something a little lacey…” to send to your partner. Not only will sending it put you in a good mood, but when your partner reads it they won’t be able to stop thinking about what tomorrow has in store! If you live together, maybe lay out a cute piece of lingerie to get their mind thinking about your plans for the evening.

Keep your partner on their toes all day. We know your life is busy, as is theirs, but those little messages or phone calls will have you both staring at the clock all day. Once you have the apartment prepared with clean sheets, good music, scented candles, and nice lighting, it’s time to get ready. Have you prepared a dinner or ordered takeout? Have you bought some good wine? Maybe a few bites before dinner such as crackers and a good cheese board? Don’t forget the condoms… those are an absolute necessity!

Nothing needs to be extremely expensive for this evening. Go to your local grocery store, grab a box of crackers, a few cheeses, and cut them and make them look fancy and pretty on a board. If you prepare dinner, it doesn’t have to be too crazy, and just grab a good bottle of wine you will both enjoy! Realistically you will see one another and won’t be able to control yourselves since you are finally taking a night to enjoy each other’s company. The whole idea is having a great night, nothing too crazy or fancy is required.

Thinking ahead to what may unfold during the evening will get both of you to peak sexual arousal before anything even happens. It is much more difficult for women to reach sexual arousal than men and take much longer as a rule, so planning ahead will help to increase the desire. Always remember though, safe sex is the best sex. If you and your partner think it’s time to get tested, order our at home testing kits now.