10 Secrets Your Gynecologist Wants You to Know

Going to the gynecologist is an annual medical routine for many women. But after years of visiting the doctor, some women are still nervous when it comes time for their appointment. At SelfCollect we wanted to give you a list of secrets your gynecologist won’t tell you but wants you to know. These doctors are here to make sure you are medically healthy and make you  feel comfortable.

1.  Your grooming habits

Don’t worry if you didn’t have time to shave before your gynecologist appointment. It isn’t the end of the world and they really don’t mind. While you should shower and stay fresh before your appointment, they care about your health, not your grooming habits. If you feel more comfortable giving them a warning along the lines of, “Sorry I didn’t have the time to groom,” I am sure your doctor would appreciate it. But don’t think they will be grossed out, they’ve seen worse!

2.  Don’t play doctor by searching Google

Stop trying to self-diagnose when you think something is wrong. It can lead to scaring yourself and causing you to feel different symptoms than you really are. If you have an itch or smell you are concerned about, call your doctor for their advice or make an appointment. Your doctor is your best source for reliable information and proper treatment

3.  Don’t be concerned if your appointment is quick

Many gynecologist visits are quick and may only last 10-15 minutes. You may sit in the waiting room longer than your appointment actually takes. While you may feel that’s too short for an exam this is the doctor’s daily routine. They are used to going in and out of rooms with patients, and they know what to look for on/in your body. Don’t fret, if there is anything of serious concern your doctor is sure to tell you.

4.  Don’t skip your appointment because of your period

You might think it is better to skip your exam because you are on your period. Don’t worry, most doctors don’t mind and it will most likely not interfere with your examination. Just give them a heads up and try not to be self-conscious. Gynecologists tend to deal with a lot of blood during delivery so a little blood during your menstrual cycle won’t bother them.

5.  Be completely honest during your exam with the doctor

If your doctor asks you questions you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable. You want to be completely honest about everything with your doctor. Whether it involves not feeling well or just a question you have, your doctor needs you to be honest to properly diagnose and help you.

6.  Sex details are important for your gynecologist

Your doctor needs to know about your sex life including the kinds of sex you have. These can include anal, vaginal, oral, or others. You also need to be honest in your gender preference with your doctor. In order for your doctor to really understand your body and what your body needs, you must be transparent.

7.  Be honest and ask any questions

Always, always, always ask questions! Just receiving an answer can help you to calm down and feel a little better. You can never ask questions that are too bizarre or give too much information. In order to be given the proper information from your doctor you want to ask questions. Never be shy! If you are asking a question, chances are others have asked your gynecologist the same question.  

8.  They can help you find a contraceptive that you like

There are different birth controls that work best for different people. The more information you are able to give your doctor about your sex life and how your body feels the more your gynecologist is able to help you. Whether your doctor gives the pill, the chip, or the IUD they can work with you and see which is most beneficial for your body. Each person's genetic makeup works with different types of contraception so be sure to report back to your doctor on how you really feel.

9.  Delivering babies is amazing 

Delivery is a magical experience for doctors. They are able to help bring life into the world for patients that are truly excited for a child. While it is an amazing experience, there is always a chance of a medical risk or emergency. This is when gynecologists really step in. The patients need to have a doctor that is supportive and caring during this time. Gynecologists enjoy being the doctors to bring life into this world, so when choosing your OB-GYN be sure it is someone you will feel comfortable with during birth.

10.  Make sure you actually like and trust your gynecologist… don’t settle 

Your gynecologist needs to be someone you trust. Appointments are usually invasive, intimate, and transparent so you want to feel safe and in reliable hands. Ask friends for their recommendations on gynecologists that they visit. When going off of friends recommendations that you trust you may feel more comfortable knowing how much your friends trust their doctor. You should feel safe, not judged and uncomfortable. Your doctor should also be very attentive and compassionate.

Make sure you are on top of your annual appointments with your gynecologist. Your health comes first and you need to be certain you are asking questions and listening to your doctor. If you are looking to do an at home STD kit order from us today! You want to keep your health as your number one priority.