Oral sex STDs - What You Need to Know

Welcome back to the SelfCollect blog! You may be reading the title of this article thinking that oral sex STDs aren’t possible other than Herpes I. Well that is not true. Almost all STDs can be transmitted through genital and oral sex. While you can catch a sexually transmitted disease with one partner, the more partners you have, the more likely you are to catch an STD.

Oral Sex and STDs

In case you aren’t entirely clear on what it involves, oral sex is sex involving the mouth, tongue, and lips to stimulate the body in areas such as the penis, vagina, or anus. It is commonly practiced by sexually active  individuals and frequent in normal relationships. Due to the commonality of STDs, it is possible to have more than one STD at any one time and in more than one site (oral, anal, genital).

Depending on the STDs that you or your partner have, there are different symptoms of each. Often symptoms are either very mild to there are no discernable symptoms. While oral sex may have a lower risk of spreading certain STDs, such as HIV or Hepatitis C, repeated unprotected oral sex can increase the potential of transmission. By using protection such as a condom or dental dam, you are able to help lower your risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

 STDs you can catch orally

There are plenty of STDs that you can catch orally. Some of the possible STDs from oral sex are:

●     Gonorrhea

●     Chlamydia

●     Herpes

●     Syphilis

●     HIV

●     HPV

●     Warts

●     Hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C

Oral STDs often have no symptoms or symptoms that are similar to a cold such or a sore throat. However, if you have a vaginal or penile discharge, or burning during urination, and have engaged in oral sex, it is best to do genital testing as well as oral and anal testing to be safe. Consider getting an oral STD test every three months, especially if you are having sexual intercourse with multiple partners. The more often you get testing, the more likely you are to detect an STD early enough to prevent long-term damage, including scarring, infertility, or pre-cancerous dysplasias.

While you may be questioning if oral sex is safer than vaginal or anal sex, it is difficult to compare the risks of certain STDs from different types of sexual activity. It can be difficult to compare these risks because most people engage in oral sex also engage in vaginal and anal sex. If you are sexually active take preventive measures and be tested on a regularly for different STDs.

Testing for Oral Sex STD

There is no effective prevention of sexually transmitted disease other than abstinence. However, you and your partner(s) are able to take precautions by practicing safe sex, using condoms, staying in monogamous relationships, and being honest with partners that you have. If you think that you may have symptoms of an STD, it is best to be tested as soon as possible. Purchase a testing kit from SelfCollect or a herpes home testing kit today! With our secure system, your results are only for you to see. We make the process of self testing convenient, quick and easy. Don’t be afraid. Be smart. Get tested!