Online Dating Tips for a Healthy Sexual Life

In today’s world, online dating has become one of the best ways to meet your next partner. However, many people are unaware of just how easily sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are spread even after getting to know their partner.  Online dating has raised new questions about meeting people and how safe it truly is. At SelfCollect we believe that you can be in charge of your sexual life and successfully use online dating sites and apps, but we want to give you a few online dating tips for a healthy sexual life. 

When going through the online dating process you are most likely exploring new sexual encounters too. When speaking with new potential partners you will want to be able to have open conversations about STD testing. Although online dating allows you to meet more people than ever before it is important to protect yourself sexually and personally.

Be Careful with Contact Information

When you start to meet people online you want to be very careful of the information you give. Giving information online has become the norm, but now it is time to consider how much information should really be online. You want to keep personal information rather general. Giving too much information can become dangerous, and being aware of just how much to share with someone can mean a world of difference. You don’t want to give someone all of your personal information off the bat in your personal bio or your first conversation. 

Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions before you meet your online partner in person, and certainly don’t be afraid to ask questions once you meet. The more you ask, the better it is for both of you to begin an open and honest conversation. Because you are communicating online in the beginning it can be difficult to gauge honesty so don’t be afraid to ask questions multiple times. Become clever with your questions and ask the same one in different ways to ensure you receive the same answer. Once you have spoken online for a while you want to think of some new questions to ask for when you meet in person. One topic you want to be open about during online dating is STD testing. If you are looking to be sexually intimate you want to ask questions, and shouldn’t feel embarrassed to ask questions regarding sexual health. 

The First Date 

Once you have spoken enough with the person you have met online it’s time to decide on whether or not you go on a first date in person. One of the most important rules for men and women to follow is to be sure you meet in a comfortable and public space for the first date. After you settle the day and time you want to be sure to tell a family member or friend so they know your whereabouts for your safety. You also want to be sure you arrange your own ride so that you can leave or stay however long you feel is best. If it’s a hit then stay for hours on end! However, depending on the person the first date may feel as though it’s the right time to become sexually intimate - for others it may take a few dates. Here is the part of the date you may feel a bit uncomfortable or nervous about becoming intimate with a new person and not knowing their sexual background. 

Becoming Sexually Intimate

When you become sexually intimate with a new person you want to be sure each of you are safe and clean. It is smart to ask the last time the person was tested for any STDs, and be honest with the last time you were tested as well. Everyone’s honesty will create a safe space for each of you to move forward in a relationship. Not only should you be honest about testing and making sure you are both tested, but you also want to be sure you use condoms and dental dams as they are required. 

If you need a few tips on how to speak with your partner about STDs read our article to help you. If you are looking for an at home STD test order a kit from SelfCollect today. At SelfCollect we have created a test for you to take in the privacy of your own home. We hope that our online dating tips help you in your next endeavor!