Benefits of STD Testing At Home

Have you been avoiding a sexually transmitted disease (STD) test because you have to go to the doctor’s office? You aren’t alone! Many people avoid testing for STDs due to feeling embarrassed or nervous. SelfCollect brings you the privacy and ease you want to feel during testing. Let us tell you the benefits of STD testing at home and how it can give you a healthier sex life. 

Avoid the Awkwardness

A reason as to why many people avoid STD testing is to avoid awkward situations and conversation. Since you are allowing someone you don’t know well, and who doesn’t know you well into your very private life we understand that these conversations can feel strange. While doctors are here to help you and are trained professionals these conversations can still feel uncomfortable. Allowing someone to hear about your sexual life and habits can be embarrassing - but it shouldn’t have to be! When you aren’t entirely honest with your doctor it can lead to improper testing. If your doctor has asked whether or not you participate in anal sex and you, as the patient, reply “no”, the doctor will incorrerctly test you. It is better to be honest with your doctor; however, we understand that it can be difficult.

When using SelfCollect you can avoid these awkward conversations with quick and easy anonymous testing. We give you the answers you need without the uncomfortable conversations.

No Time Constraints

With STD testing at home you can take the test on your time, and don’t have to wait in an office. We know just how frustrating it can be sitting in an office for a few hours. You have work, school, or other events to attend and planning a visit to the doctors office takes time. It can take a big chunk of time out of your day, and give time for your nerves to build up. The process involves making the appointment, sitting in the waiting room, meeting with the doctor, and sometimes making follow up appointments with the same process. Now there’s no excuse to avoid testing. 

With SelfCollect receive your discreet package and take the test whenever  is most convenient for you! As soon as you’re done we give you the results in just a few days. Follow our easy 4 step process to receive your results in a timely and professional manner.

No Judgement

Forget about seeing people you know in the doctor’s office, or feeling judged for seeing the same nurses every time you want to take care of your sexual health. It’s important that you feel comfortable when it comes to STD testing. You never want to feel discriminated in a doctor’s office, and SelfCollect finds that unacceptable. Our fully confidential and anonymous STD testing at home gives you the ability to privately take your tests without the feeling of snickering and staring. 

In Conclusion

When you have the ability to take an STD test in the comfort and privacy of your own home, why not take the opportunity? Now there is no excuse to miss on getting regular STD testing every 3-6 months, or every 6-12 months if you are in a monogamous relationship. Many STDs can have long-term effects on the reproductive organs in both men and women, so take control of your sexual health and do STD testing at home! If you are nervous about passing the time while you wait for your results we give you a few tips in our article. Order your kit from SelfCollect today!